• The principle working model of OROC is to provide an Integrated Services Team to manage a project from inception to completion.

  • The model is tailored, depending on an individual clients specific requirements.

  • The core team is then supplemented by additional disciplines as the project matures through its life cycle.



 Chief Operation Officer:

Dr. Reza Rafiei is an Iranian Economist, with more than 30 years of  experience in Finance, Private Banking & oil industry. He is the  Chairman of the Board of Siolar Finance AG, & a Member of the Board  of OROC Energy  Group.


 Executive Officer:

Patrick J. F Nortier is a French national with more than 40 years of experience in oil and gas industry with Elf & Total. He is a Member of the Board of OROC Oil & Gas Development Co.



 Financial Officer:

Dr. Hadi Ghorbani is an experienced & reputable financial director, Tax, Auditor and accounts coordinator. He is also a Member of the Board of Siolar Finance AG.


 Public Relations Officer:

Mehrdad Moshaver is a U.S. educated Manager and Member of the Board of OROC Oil & Gas Development Company.


 Public Relations Officer:

M. Reza Nourbakhsh is a journalist and Public Relations officer & Member of the Board of OROC.


 Deputy Executive Officer:

Engineer Ali Alipour is from a family of oilmen, an IT expert and in charge of Internal Affairs of OROC Oil & Gas Development Co


 Human Resources Officer:

Maryam Izadi is the U.S. educated Human Resources Officer.


 Mobilization Officer:

Sara Faraz is the Travel, Mobilization & Demobilization Coordination officer.


 Swiss Bureau Officer:

Charles Seligman is the Director of Siolar Finance AG, and heads OROC Energy Group's bureau in Switzerland.